About us

Axia Semillas is an innovative plant genetic improvement company, specialized in the creation of horticultural varieties for the cultivation in greenhouses of all types of technology, from the most technified glass greenhouses to the plastic greenhouses in their different structural versions, cultivated in the entire Mediterranean Arc and the Middle East.

Our breeding programs are characterized by the special attention we give to flavor and the phytonutrients that contain the fruits of the horticultural varieties we develop, together with the most demanding agronomic requirements of the plant, based on their diseases resistance and high levels of productivity. At the moment, our range of horticultural varieties consists of hybrid varieties of tomato, pepper, eggplant and cucumber of high quality.

Sobre Axia Semillas
Axia team works hard to take care of its plantations

In Axia Semillas, each of its employee works for producing first-class plant seeds to make them available for growers from all over the world.