Research and Development

For Axia Semillas investigation is a basic compromise: our breeding programs are based on the Middle East, North of Africa and Europe plant producers needs. To do so, Axia Semillas works closely with their partners of the horticultural plant production industry with the aim of introducing high performance F1 hybrids with innovative characteristics that add extra value to the whole supply chain. Axia Semillas strategy is to become part of the leader group of plant genetic companies that are based on molecular markers use.


Axia Semillas R&D activities are developed between last-generation greenhouses with artificial light, like the one we got in Naaldwijk, Holland and Almería-style greenhouses, located in Almería and Murcia (Spain). This allows the breeders team to obtain new horticultural varieties adapted to different growing conditions.

Axia Semillas has applied the Good Seed and Plant Practices (GSPP) protocole on the activities that are performed on the greenhouses. These activities are focused on the study and the increase of effectiveness in the production of vegetables in heated greenhouses.

Also, the company has experimental growing facilities in Antalia (Turkey), Sicily (Italy) working on high quality seed varieties, suitable for both open field and greenhouse (with shade mesh / polyethylene cover) growing. In Thailand, the company counts with complementary production and research centres. This facilities and research network gives to Axia Semillas the chance of increasing the time of goods production and bringing a wide range of products in to international markets.