Txari F1

Round loose cherry tomato

VĂ­deo ficha Txari F1

Technical characteristics:

  • Variety of round cherry tomato
  • Open plant of vigorous bearing with high productivity and uniformity
  • Variety with high precocity
  • Fruits with high resistance to cracking and intense red color
  • Good post-harvest conservation
  • Length of the fruit: 25 cm
  • Bright green color in its initial state and intense red with shades of dark red in its maturity
  • Resistances:
    • HR: (ToMV:0,1,2/ Ff: A-E/ Fol:0,1)
    • IR: (TYLCV/ Ma/ Mi/ Mj).
The most tasty crunchy cherry
Very characteristic shape and color
Txari in plant is very productive.
It collection is for loose cherry.
The plant is uniform in the whole cycle.
Txari F1 is a very tasty cherry.

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